: Ären Doktesch-Appointment at 3 clicks

Published on 26 November, 2013

RTL offers a new service in Lëtzebuerg, easily accessible to patients and customers, who can make an appointment with us.

On the website, patients looking for a good consultation and an appointment can be reached by the client at any time.
Here is the press text “Ihr Arzttermin in 3 Klicks”.

Among the most common challenges with medical connotations is the basic need ‘Make an appointment with a doctor’. is a new service in Luxembourg offering to facilitate the booking of appointments through the use of new technologies. offers the patient the possibility to search for a doctor and to directly request an appointment.

This is how it works. The patient visits, chooses the required specialty, mentions his or her location and indicates the language he or she wishes to speak with the doctor. The site quickly delivers a list of nearby doctors with availability in the next few days.

The user then clicks on the day and time that suits him best. And that’s it! A request for an appointment is sent to the doctor. The latter will confirm his availability within half a working day. A consultation is organized.

In addition to the obvious advantage for those who do not yet have a doctor in Luxembourg or need to consult a specialist for the first time, the service is a real plus for seeing your favorite doctor. The patient chooses his schedule 24 hours a day and makes his request in 3 clicks.

The benefit of the service is shared by the physician and his team because less time is spent on the phone. The time freed up can be used to greet and answer questions from patients in the medical office.

From its launch, offers access to more than 50 doctors, from 10 different specialties, speaking 9 languages and in 10 locations.

Who is Doctena and who are its leaders?

Doctena’s mission is to make it easier for patients to book appointments, optimizing existing processes and helping to reduce the administrative burden on medical teams.

Doctena s.a. is a limited company under Luxembourg law, run by a local management team under the leadership of Patrick Kersten.

Patrick Kersten is known for having several Internet projects to his credit in the Luxembourg sphere. He contributed to the launch of Then he created which he managed until 2012.

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