A medical certificate for your children to practice a sport

Published on 26/09/2018

A medical certificate for your children to practice a sport


Do you plan to participate and register for any sports activities? Does your child intend to play a sport? If so, that’s a good thing! In this case, the importance of the medical certificate should not be overlooked. Health is the greatest of all riches. That’s why your health should determine the activities you engage in.

What is a medical certificate?

A medical certificate, also known as a physician’s report or medical report, is generally considered to be a written report or opinion, prepared by a physician or other health care professional, attesting to the result of a medical examination of a patient, or to an individual’s medical condition. Before registering your child in any sport, it is important, and even advisable, to consult a doctor in order to obtain a medical certificate, not only to be authorized to practice the sport, but also to know the state of health of your child.

The purpose of medical certificates as a condition for the practice of sport

In sports clubs, medical certificates are used to certify that a person is completely free of contagious diseases and infections, mental illness, drug addiction, and any other health problems. In addition, a medical certificate also helps you to know the current health status of your child(ren), as well as the other options available. In addition, the medical certificate helps to guide your child’s health care when he or she is already playing a sport within the club, and to adjust the type of treatment needed at any given time.
Everyone knows that children and adults must present their medical certificate at the beginning of each sports season. The purpose of this certification is to certify a student’s actual health status in order to prevent advanced injury. For example, if a person has a cardiac arrest, cardiac arrhythmia, spinal fracture, head injury, concussion, or diabetes, it would be dangerous for that person to participate in sports activities without a doctor’s permission. In fact, this patient may be allowed to practice certain sports activities, with treatment, or medication. Therefore, it is important to know the health status of your child(ren), which will allow you to provide better care, or better supervision, taking into account their well-being. In addition, it will also help to detect any early illnesses, or prevent possible premature death. However, if a person has presented their medical certificate to the club officer, then arrangements can be made accordingly. Thus, the person in question may not be allowed to participate in such sports activities, or, if not, he or she will be allowed to do so, provided that medical treatment is followed.
The essence of the medical certificate or medical report should not be limited to the requirements of the sports club. It is also important to keep track of your health. However, in Europe, most sports clubs licensed for sports such as basketball, soccer, handball, tennis, cricket, and volleyball require that their members present an official medical certificate certifying that the person is fit to participate in the sports activities of the club in question. Indeed, all sports activities require physical training, which requires a good state of health.
In addition, specific medical criteria are also required for certain applications. For example, an eye exam is mandatory when a person wants to get a driver’s license. This test determines if a person has excellent vision for flying a plane or helicopter. In other circumstances, the applicant may voluntarily state certain medical parameters during a self-assessment, for example, when there is no physician or access to the applicant’s medical records.

How do I get a genuine medical certificate?

In order to prove that a medical certificate is not falsified, here are some tips to follow:

    • The medical certificate must be legibly written in the physician’s handwriting.
    • This certificate must be written without abbreviations, also avoiding any medical jargon.
    • The certification should be limited to the findings and facts diagnosed by the physician. These must be justified.
    • This document should only mention the parameters observed by the physician, or mentioned by the patient.

This is the end of this article, which was intended to list some of the things you need to know about the medical certificate. However, in order to obtain the latter, you must make an appointment with a physician before the start of the competition or sport.

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