Medical appointment on the Doodle Registry

Published on 4 January, 2016


Doctena. The platform created in Luxembourg arrives in Switzerland. No particular relation with the original.

Doctena, a medical appointment platform operating in Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, announces its establishment in Switzerland (and in other European countries).

Patrick Kersten, founder in 2013 and head of Doctena in Luxembourg, says the €4.5 million fundraising from private investors, business angels and a long-term loan will support international development. The Swiss market is a priority.

How is it that this product was not developed by Doodle, a successful Swiss concept that was taken over by the Tamedia Group in 2011? Within the framework of a variation for different sectoral uses for example?

The strategy of the Zurich-based group is to keep Doodle as simple as possible, says spokesman Christoph Zimmer.

Growth is also driven organically, not by acquisitions. “The beauty of Doodle is its ease of use and the strength of the brand.” Beyond just the technical solution, which nevertheless remains open to users of other platforms.

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