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My name is Philippe Weitzel, I am a dentist in Luxembourg. In my job, what I like the most is seeing different people, and finding the right solution for each of them (either if they have a specific problem or if they come to see me just for a check-up).

What is a typical day like in your practice?

In the morning, my assistant turns on the computer and opens the agenda for the day. I come in and take a look at the patients that are coming in, then I look at the X-rays. And that's it, we work all day from morning until the end of the day.

From time to time, this daily routine changes because there are busier days, because of emergencies or patients that take longer than expected. So sometimes, it can happen that we accumulate a little delay. On Doctena, we can set up different reasons of visits and define a certain amount of time for each reason. That's why we make sure to always block a large slot on the agenda to have time enough with each patient.

How did you get started with Doctena?

I heard about Doctena right from the start, so I created an account. I had to create my profile with photos, create reasons to visit, etc. To do this, I was accompanied by the Doctena team. I got all the help I needed and that allowed me to get started and have my first patients. It went pretty fast! I have two colleagues in the team who also use Doctena and are very satisfied with it. For those who consult in several offices, it's very simple - on Doctena, they have in their profile the slots of the different practices in which they consult. So people can make appointments in this practice or in the other practices. That's great! 

What features from Doctena help you the most?

What I really like is the reminder feature for patients. They receive a text message and an e-mail. This system is not only for patients who have made an appointment through Doctena: I can include other patients in the Doctena agenda so that they receive a reminder as well. This feature is very practical because it prevents people from not showing up for their appointments. Also, the technical support team is great: once I had some changes that I wanted to make in my profile, so I contacted the Support and it went very fast. The Doctena calendar also works very well. You can even consult it on your phone, which is very practical. Sometimes, when I'm not in the office, I can also manage my agenda from my phone, which is not possible with other software and helps me a lot.

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Success stories - page (112.762 × 80mm)

What was it like before Doctena?

I worked for the first year in Paris, after my studies. At that time, all appointments were taken by phone. And so, the phone rang a lot! 

With Doctena, we still have some calls, of course, but in general, patients prefer to look at the different slots quietly by themselves. This frees up a lot of work time for my assistant, who is now more available for me.

What would you tell your colleagues about your experience with Doctena?

I would recommend Doctena to them, for all the reasons I mentioned earlier: to free up time from their assistants who sometimes have to answer the phone and spend a lot of time on it. Also, Doctena will allow them to bring in new patients thanks to the online visibility…it's a very good tool to get new patients in addition to the ones they already have. And then the calendar is very practical, as I said, the fact of having it on the laptop or even on the mobile phone and being able to consult it anywhere at any time, it's great. 

One last thing to say?

I would say that I am very satisfied. Doctena allowed me to get started. I arrived in the health market and people didn't know me. Then I put myself on Doctena and it allowed me to have my first patients. Then, word of mouth quickly spread, so I can clearly say that it was Doctena that allowed me to launch my activity here in Luxembourg City.

As I said, my patients are very happy. Doctena allows them to see what’s the best time to come, according to their schedule and my availability.

Thanks to Doctena, my team is also very satisfied because they save a lot of time, and the phone rings much less, which allows them to be at my side and do other tasks. 

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