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A medical certificate for your kids to practice sport

Wednesday 26 September 2018 - forpatient


Are you interested and planning to enroll in sport activities? Is your kid planning to go into sport? If yes, good!. Here is a necessary condition to considered; Medical certificate. Health is wealth; your health should determine the activities you engaged in.

What is a medical certificate?

A medical certificate otherwise called a doctor’s report is generally regarded as a written statement gotten from a physician or other medically certified health officials who attest to the result of a medical examination conducted on a patient. It also serves as a documentation that attests to the state of health of an individual. Before you enroll your kid in any sport activities it is quite important and advisable you visit a doctor to get a medical certificate not only to be allowed in sport but also to know the health status of your kid.

The Purpose of Medical Certificates as a Condition in Sport Enrollment

In sports clubs, medical certificates are used to certify that a person is entirely free of contagious diseases and infections, mental illness, drug addiction, and other health issues. Medical certificate helps you to know your kid or children’s current health status and further options. Also, medical certificate help to regulate your kid’s health care while already in the sport club, as to the type of treatment needed at certain moment.
It is a well-known fact that children and adults must present their medical certificate at the beginning of every sports season. This is to attest to the real health condition of a student to prevent advance injuries. For instance, if a person is suffering from cardiac arrest, arrhythmia, spinal stress fraction, head injury, concussion or diabetes, it would be hazardous for that kind of person to engage in any sporting activities without a doctor’s permission. This is because; with some prescription or treatment such patient may be allowed to engage in some sporting activities. Knowing your kid or kids’ health status will help you give a better care or attention as regard his or her wellbeing and also help to save his or her life from untimely disease or death. If a person has presented his/her medical certificate to the club official, he/she would be addressed accordingly by either being prevented from taking part in such sporting activities or being allowed based on some treatment.
The essence of health certificate or report should not just be based on sport club requirement as it is also important to get updated on one’s health status. Though in Europe, Most registered sports clubs such as basketball, football, Handball, Tennis, cricket and volleyball require that their members provide an official medical certificate to certify that such person is qualified to participate in the sporting activities of that club. Because, all sporting activities requires physical training or body training which requires good health status.
Also, specific health criteria are also required when making some applications. For instance, an eye examination when a person wants to obtain a driving license. It is used to test if a person has an excellent vision to pilot an airplane or helicopter. At other times, medical criteria's can be voluntarily presented by an applicant in self-examination. This can occur in a situation where there are no doctors or no access to the medical records of that particular person.

How to get an authentic medical certificate

In order to prove that a medical certificate isn’t falsified, here are the tips to be taken into consideration:

  • It must be written in a legible format with the handwriting of the physician.

  • It must be free from abbreviation or medical jargon

  • It should include only the fact and observation made by the medical officer, and it must be justified

  • It should only include something observed by the doctor or reports by the patient.

There you have it! Some of the things you need to know about medical certification. However, for you to get your medical certificate, you are required to book an appointment with a doctor before the competition begins.

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