Doctena Pro boosts Patient Loyalty and Engagement

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Here’s how Doctena Pro boosts Patient Loyalty


With today’s patient proving to be increasingly adoptive to online consumer behaviours, including eHealth, it has become more important for doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers to react to those needs. Research shows that 42% of the surveyed patients preferred online medical booking over booking appointments by phone.

By offering the convenience of booking online 24/7, your practice can expect an increase in appointments made by new patients. 63% of appointments scheduled online were from new patients. 34% of those appointments were scheduled.

By offering the convenience of online booking, you will increase your patients’ satisfaction by reducing the waiting time to be treated. Even making medical appointments. In today’s web-driven society, patients expect to be able to conduct transactions online.  




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Doctena is available in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and The Netherlands.