In theory, making an appointment is a simple act, especially since the beginning of telephone. However, it turns out to be a daily multifaced challenge for the patient and especially for the medical team.

My focus is to help patients get an appointment with a doctor. My job is to coordinate a team developing and implementing innovative solutions to simplify the booking process for the doctors and the patients.

A good entrepreneur must be enthusiastic and convincing, structured, hardworking and persevering. Whatever the business case and the sector are, only the implementation makes the difference.


The idea behind Doctena was to build a long term concept which aims to improve people’s daily lives. In 2013, three partners chose to tackle the subject of medical appointments. A few months later, the platform Doctena was launched in Luxembourg.

It quickly became clear that both patients and practitioners were responsive to this innovative tool. Due to the project's ongoing success and its fast growth it expands its activities to Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

Since 2016, Doctena has joined forces with six competitors: DocBook (BE), Doxter (DE), Terminland (DE), Sanmax (BE), Mednanny (AT) and Bookmydoc (LU). Doctena is now the leading medical booking platform in Europe.

3 Key success factors

Performing product

We permanently think critically about our service so that we make sure this always fulfils both the demands of health professionals as well as the patients’ expectations. With this in mind, we value the users’ feedback about Doctena that we receive, for example through organizing satisfaction surveys; the results are used as a guide to help us identify specific elements that need to be improved or on new applications that need to be developed.

Relationship of trust with our customers

We are not looking to sell at any cost but to provide useful solutions to practitioners. As a result of this approach, we don’t only set up the Doctena administration system at the practice; a long term relationship is built with our customers (private training in the use of the Doctena system, frequent follow up visits, assistance calls, …) Furthermore, while we strongly believe in our product we are always open to criticism.

A follow up service for patients

In addition to the provision of an easy-to-use tool which aims to facilitate the scheduling of medical appointments, we also offer patients assistance by phone and email. Supervision may be necessary during the first use as we aimed our service to be suitable for everybody (and not just people with IT training). To make sure we provide effective support, our team speaks no less than 8 languages.