On one side there is a practitioner who tries to fill in his schedule and on the other side, a patient needs to consult an health professional.
Doctena connect them so that they mutually provide a solution to each other’s situation.

The patient shall, when he needs to take a medical appointment, visit our website. He can therefore run a practitioner search in the website engine used for this purpose.

The search results list displays practitioners corresponding to the criteria chosen by the patient. The appointment availabilities have been previously determined by them (and are consequently visible on Doctena agenda).

The patient chooses one of the practitioner’s time slots and sends him/her an appointment request. To achieve that, a short contact form needs to be filled out online.

The chosen practitioner instantly receives the patient’s appointment request. He/she will react within 24 hours.

Once the practitioner has confirmed the appointment, the patient receives an automatic email notification.

The practitioner receives his/her patient for a consultation on the set date and enables him to start following the required treatment, if applicable.

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